Nikki's the gift shop

Dear Potential Seller

Thank-you for your interest in supplying NIKKI’S: THE GIFT SHOP.

NIKKI’S: THE GIFT SHOP is a growing retail chain with 10 stores, 2 in Gauteng and 8 in KZN. Our business model is to present a consistent image and product offering to our customers, in all locations. This is created through central purchasing, distribution and management from NIKKI’S Head Office in Durban. In practical terms IF you meet our supply criteria and are approved as a supplier you would be supplying the whole chain.

Please note that we receive numerous requests from prospective suppliers, and it is not feasible for us to meet with every supplier or sales representative. We therefore follow the process below;

Step 1:

Our minimum requirements are as follows:

  1. A wholesale pricing structure that offers a mark-up in line with retail industry norms and allows for a recommended retail selling price that is market related.
  2. The production or stock holding capacity to sufficiently supply all shops with the same products (bearing in mind future growth of the NIKKI’S chain)
  3. The production or stock holding capacity to regularly supply all shops with the same products, i.e. the ability to make or import a product that can be sold for a meaningful period of time (seasonal products notwithstanding)
  4. Credits are to be given for the following: * Items that are delivered damaged, defective and/or incorrect in terms of what was ordered. These will be claimed for within 7 working days from date of delivery. * Items that are returned by customers that are defective in terms of the Consumer Protection Act All products relating to credits must be uplifted by the supplier at their own expense within 30 days of the claim for a credit
  5. A courier and/or transport arrangement to deliver directly to the central NIKKI’S warehouse in Glen Anil in Durban. The cost of the courier may be added to the invoice but may not exceed our own courie company’s rates. Under no circumstances may stock be delivered to ANY of the NIKKI’S branches, nor may stock be delivered via the Post Office or Post Net. KZN suppliers may drop off at the NIKKI’S Warehouse.

Step 2:

If you are confident that you meet the above minimum requirements, then please email the following to

  1. Images or a catalogue or a web link showing your product(s).
  2. A wholesale price list with a wholesale and a recommended retail price for each product, order lead or turnaround time.
  3. Please provide an approximate indication of the order lead or turnaround times.
  4. Payment term options (i.e. COD, 30 days, 60 days or 90 days).

Step 3:

Should we believe that your product, selling price and business structure are suitable we will respond to your email. Please do not send us multiple emails or phone our Head Office to see it we have received your email. Please do not attempt to contact us via Facebook or Instagram. If we are interested, we will contact you, following which we will require you to complete an application to supply form and the process will move forward from there.

Please note that all buying decisions and prospective suppliers are vetted by Nikki and her buying team at NIKKI’S Head Office. Shop staff are not involved in buying decisions for the business.

With Regards